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Fayad was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and raised in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. He’s a self-taught photographer who’s inspired by his childhood's subconscious mind. When his younger brothers (Mista Safwan and Mak "Redwan") started their music career, Fayad decided to get into photography to help them to create a professional looking mixtapes and single covers. Nothing was serious throughout that time. In 2019 he moved to Riyadh to figure out life and start a new path. A year later during the pandemic he realized that film still exists, then he taught himself how to use analogue cameras and developing films. He improved his skills quickly until he decides to move for large format photography. His love and obsession of view cameras made him dig deeper to focus on alternative processes  such as Wet Plate Collodion, Salt Print and more. Fayad previously worked with Vogue Arabia, MDLBEAST, and GQ Middle East.

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